Relationship Coaching

Arissa was a pleasure to work with throughout our premarital coaching sessions. She is empathetic and authentic and listens deeply. She created a safe space where we both quickly felt comfortable discussing big questions about life, death, family, and the future. After ten years together we thought we knew pretty much everything about each other, but it's amazing what can come up in a few hours dedicated to drilling down on important questions! We walked away from each session with a sense of clarity, warm fuzzies toward each other, and often, some concrete next steps. We now have an added level of understanding heading into our married life, and we can't wait for Arissa to officiate our wedding.

- Ellen & Nat

My husband and I did pre-marital sessions with Arissa and they were invaluable. Not only did the sessions help us discuss important issues before the big day, they also prepped us for future conversations as we further develop our relationship. We'd recommend her in a heartbeat!

- Dominique & Mike

The work involves your identifying different areas or themes in your relationship you'd like to explore. Together you will choose questions that address those areas. We then use them as a starting point for our session, which leads us to exactly where we need to go. The process yields a lot of understanding, clarity and closeness. Great work to do before getting married!

A single session is $125, 3 sessions are $350, 6 sessions are $675. Sessions are 60 - 75 minutes.

Private Couples Retreats

Take a weekend away from distractions and daily responsibilities to rejuvenate and deepen your relationship. We'll take a deep dive into your strengths as a couple, places that need attention and create a road map for your future - all in a beautiful, natural setting. Some skills we'll focus on: learning to quiet the mind, honest communication, open and respectful listening, making time for each other, understanding the energetics of your relationship and more. 

Each retreat experience is designed uniquely for you and your sweetheart. Schedule a complimentary consult to learn more! 

Investment: $2,000 - $2900